Wok and Grill

Served with Thai Jasmine Rice or Fried Rice $2 Extra. Brown Rice Add $1

  • Mongolian Shrimp

    • $16.00
    Mongolian Shrimp
  • Vegetarian Delight

    • $11.00

    Sauteed mushrooms, asparagus, string beans, carrots and broccoli in white sauce

    Vegetarian Delight
  • General Tso’s Chicken

    • $13.00
    General Tso’s Chicken
  • Szechuan Crispy Shredded Beef

    • $16.00

    Fried beef, spicy sweet brown sauce, celery and carrots

    Szechuan Crispy Shredded Beef
  • Mongolian Beef

    • $16.00

    Shredded pepper and onion with spicy satay sauce

    Mongolian Beef
  • Basil Beef or Shrimp

    • $16.00

    Sliced beef or shrimp, basil, onions and pepper with Thai basil sauce

    Basil Beef or Shrimp
  • Crispy Peanuts Chicken

    • $15.00

    Lightly bredded and deep fried with creamy peanut sauce, served with a mix green salad

    Crispy Peanuts Chicken
  • Spicy Family Pot

    • $22.00

    Chicken, shrimp, beef and scallop with mixed vegetables and black bean oil sauce

    Spicy Family Pot
  • Pan Roasted Chilean Sea Bass

    • $23.00

    Sea bass with spicy tuna and spicy crabmeat on top on tomatoes, garnished with almond flakes with yuzu teriyaki sauce

    Pan Roasted Chilean Sea Bass
Wok and Grill
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